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It’s time to tell YOUR God Story!

Can I tell you a quick story?
The other day I was driving with my daughter, and as she was about to make a left-hand turn – she had the green arrow. I saw this car approaching the intersection at about 50 MPH…with no intention of breaking. I could see a vision of the horrific accident begin to play out. Then I very calmly, yet sternly said, “STOP!” She did. The other car blew through the intersection. The brake lights came on only after he was all the way through. If God hadn’t made me aware of what was about to happen, and if my daughter hadn’t have stopped, I most likely would be dead right now. I realized that God met me right there that night at the intersection of Potomac St. and Broncos Parkway.
Don’t get me wrong, God is always with us; but each one of us has those special moments where God meets us and give us a miracle. They sometimes are lifesaving circumstances while other times God meets us through a confirming word from a friend or a stranger , or even a special sign such as a rainbow in the sky.

The Bible tells us in Revelation 12:11 that we are overcomers by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.

Jesus Christ did His part by dying on the cross –
now it’s your turn to share the word of your testimony! 

If God has been prompting you to share your story, this is a powerful opportunity to get it out to the world! With the God Met Me Here Book Project you can have your testimony published in a professionally produced and launched compilation book of stories giving God glory! Along with copies physical book, you will also receive 2 marketing webinars, an invitation to the launch party, social media graphics, marketing postcards and bookmarks, a Facetime interview on the Kingdom Publishing page and much more!
This is also a powerful networking tool because your story will be spread out to the networks of the other authors selected for this project!
Only 30 authors will be published in this book!
The deadline is August 15, 2019. 
Feel free to share this project with anyone who would like to join! I know God is moving through this project, to bless you and others!
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