A Precious Life: : A Pregnancy Journal to Nurture the Spirit and Soul of You and Your Unborn Child by Rebekah Lind


Ready to meet your baby?

Your baby is a three-part being from the moment of conception and it’s just as important to pour into their spiritual and emotional growth and development as it is to eat well and aid their physical growth in the womb.

Declaring God’s truth and promises over your pregnant body can reduce negative pregnancy experiences and help you enjoy the nine months of preparation for your baby’s arrival. Beginning to bond and connect with your baby from conception through birth by journaling and inviting the Lord to speak to you about this child’s destiny, purpose, and identity is crucial to becoming the present and nurturing mother you long to be.

Declare the promises for the life of your baby!


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130 pages


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Meet Rebekah Lind

Rebekah Lind was born in the USA and has also lived in Johannesburg, South Africa and Melbourne, Australia. She loves to travel and experience culture, whether it’s language, art, customs, or sports that shape people. She holds an English Education degree and taught middle school and high school for five years before changing careers and getting back into her first love, dance. She has a heart for regional dance ministry and to see unity among dance movements across the church of Jesus Christ. This book represents the fulfillment of two life-long dreams: to write books and to be a mother. She enjoys reading, creating mixed media artwork, playing with and teaching her boys, and spending time with family and friends.

Connect with Rebekah and stay encouraged on your journey of parenting by visiting her website spiritledcreative.space.


We highly recommend A Precious Life: A Pregnancy Journal to Nurture the Spirit and Soul of You and Your Unborn Child. Using her personal history, Rebekah delves into concerns that tend to commonly show up during pregnancies and shares truths to victoriously navigate this important season. She addresses common fears around pregnancy and birth, and the book gives outstanding practical wisdom for exercise, nutrition, and expectations for mom and baby. This journal will help you on this path by identifying thoughts, feelings, and goals as you go through pregnancy and birth. All throughout, you will be equipped to develop strong beliefs and Kingdom declarations over your growing family. This is a great resource for expecting parents and new parents.

Steve & Wendy Backlund Founders, Igniting Hope Ministries

I love the way there is the option to include my husband in this journal. I feel like he wanted to be more involved in our pregnancy and this helped include him more. The authority and comfort he brought when we would pray together over our baby made me feel supported. It was a good reminder that I wasn’t alone. I also love the sections to declare over myself. So often pregnancy is focused on the baby, but it’s so good to remember that pregnancy is also a life-changing (and potentially scary) event for the mom! I love how this journal shifts things towards the positive and brings a calm to the initiation of motherhood.

Tiffany Jones First-time mother

This interactive journal is such a beautiful tool both practically and spiritually for husbands and wives to connect to their new little one or ones. There is so much power and authority when you speak, pray, and declare over someone. Now, to bring this truth into your pregnancy journey as this little life is coming into form, while you partner with the Creator God, is powerful! I think taking time to pause in your day to journal and connect will bring you to an even deeper connection with your baby. I wish I would have had access to such a beautiful journal during my pregnancies. I pray that there will be great life to you and your child from this journal.

Amy Gagnon Director of Children’s ministry, Bethel Church Redding

This is a great book for anyone who is pregnant! Whether you are ambivalent or excited about your pregnancy, this book offers a raw, vulnerable, and safe place for reflection. It guides a mother into connecting with the heart and spirit of her child. In my career as a home visit nurse for first-time parents in poverty, we talk about the importance of physical nourishment during pregnancy. This book, however, focuses on caring for the heart and soul of the mother, as well as the spirit of the child. Both are of equal importance. I’d recommend this to all newly pregnant families, hands down!

Mackenzie Hull Home Visit Nurse with NFP