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by Debbie Bailey

This devotional gives parents a God inspired game plan to incorporate the study and application of God’s Word in everyday life. By addressing relevant topics with Biblical truth and real life discussions, it creates an open atmosphere of teaching and learning for both the parent and the child.

Daily Devotional for Parents

by Mother Judy Hines

This book is a collection of sweet inspirations from the call, Sweet Inspirations with Mother Judy Hines. This daily call has blessed its listeners for the past nine years. As you dive into this book you will experience the very presence of the Father. He shall give you the very sentiments of His heart. You will become His penmanship in the earth realm. This book is filled with thoughts that will not only inspire you, but lift you to new levels, dimension and horizons.

Daily Devotional

by Felisa B. Jack

Shame covers your situation like a blanket, trapping and suffocating you. Your mind meditates on the question, “How can my circumstances ever change?” The answer is God’s relentless love pursuing YOU! He loves you AND He can do something about your situation if you allow Him. Pursued is a powerful and transparent testimony of Felisa Jack’s experience living in a domestic violence relationship that put both her and her son’s life in grave danger. She shares how God was pursuing her during this difficult time; strengthening and encouraging her to walk out of that destructive relationship. Walking with her through her story will restore hope and faith in your life as well as open your eyes to see the ways God is pursuing you with
His relentless love.

Domestic Violence, Testimonial

designed by Tracy Fagan

Research shows that just 15 minutes a day of gratitude can have major impacts in all these areas of your life. This journal will challenge you to be grateful for things from A to Z.


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