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by Felisa B. Jack


Precs2Him is working in conjunction with ShesCherished to distribute Spanish copies of this book to the women of Cabo San Lucas who need an encouraging word. Please join us as you “Buy One, Give One for 50%.”

Select the language you would like for your book, and a Spanish version of this book will be delivered to missions organizations in Mexico.


Shame covers your situation like a blanket, trapping and suffocating you. Your mind meditates on the question, “How can my circumstances ever change?” The answer is God’s relentless love pursuing YOU! He loves you AND He can do something about your situation if you allow Him. Pursued is a powerful and transparent testimony of Felisa Jack’s experience living in a domestic violence relationship that put both her and her son’s life in grave danger. She shares how God was pursuing her during this difficult time; strengthening and encouraging her to walk out of that destructive relationship. Walking with her through her story will restore hope and faith in your life as well as open your eyes to see the ways God is pursuing you with His relentless love.


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