Speak Up, Sister! by Jamie Dandar McKinney


Ladies, Looking for more Confidence and Success?

Learning to use confidence as a strategic tool to bridge the differences of you and your co-workers will help you rise to the top of your game…even if you find yourself in a testosterone infused work environment.

Jamie Dandar McKinney brings her edgy humor, real life examples, and practical exercises to crush your insecurities, quiet the voices of judgment, and empower yourself and other women around you to boldly...

Speak Up, Sister!


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Meet Jamie Dandar McKinney

Jamie Dandar McKinney, MBA, is a professional coach, keynote speaker, certified virtual presenter, and author. The President and Founder of Jamie Empowers, Inc., she launched her business in 2019 and is fully immersed in her mission to empower women to ditch doubts, speak up and achieve the careers they deserve and desire.
Leaning on lessons learned over the course of 20 years while working her way up in heavily male-dominated industries, Jamie ignites action in her clients to advance their careers. Combining neuroscience with real-life experience, she discovered the formula for building confidence and demonstrating effective leadership. She was recognized by the Denver Business Journal as a Top 40 Woman in Energy and jokes that her stilettos have steel-toes.
Jamie lives in Denver, CO with her husband, Rob and their dog, Penny. Glitter is her favorite color and she calls on Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg as her spirit animal.


“Reading Speak Up, Sister! is like jumping into a conversation with your closest girl-friend. Jamie’s engaging writing style makes you feel as though you have a personal cheer-leader and mentor in your pocket, providing clear steps to help you build and navigate the professional world with confidence and become the best SHERO you can be.”

Margaret Shaw CLC (State Public Health Nutrition Counselor)

“Jamie Dandar McKinney is an irresistible powerhouse: a bottomless well of advice on beating the tricky, frustrating workplace dynamics and subtle setbacks so many women still contend with. Whether you’re stymied by toxic office politics or just want to score equal time in team meetings, Speak Up Sister! is a practical handbook for changing the game and having your say. Like its inspiring author, this book is feisty, fearless, disarmingly direct, and empowering. It belongs in the briefcase of every woman on her way up the power ladder. Speak Up Sister! is a winner!”

Tom Farmer Former CNN Executive Producer

“Wonderful and thought-provoking guide for those just starting out their careers and those at any point in their career progression – especially those in a male dominated industry. Speak Up Sister! feels as if you are having a conversation with your best friend and receiving down to earth yet honest advice.”

Josie Semmes Finance Executive

“In Speak Up, Sister! Jamie Dandar has said what many of us need to hear, in words that are seasoned with salt so that we can stand up with our shoulders back, our heads held high, and our feet solidly standing straight with no excuses, no apologies. If you are ready to be all you were created to be in the Army of Life, this book will set you on a path to greatness such as you have never experienced before.”

Beatrice Bruno The Drill Sergeant of Life

“Shortly after reading the chapter about not taking things personally, I was on a Zoom call where the presenter directed a comment at me that could have been interpreted as rude. Rather than let it affect my whole day, I figured that’s his problem, not mine and didn’t spend another second dwelling on it! It was so liberating!”

Colleen Tankoos Assistant Director