Pursued: A Testimony of God’s Relentless Love

We all have felt it - that time in life where you feel completely stuck in a situation with no way out. You say to yourself, "It wasn't this way in the beginning." But slowly, over time things morphed into a nightmare...one that feels like you will never escape.

Your hope is gone.                Your faith is gone.

Shame covers your situation like a blanket, trapping and suffocating you. Your mind meditates on the question,

"How can my circumstances ever change?"

The answer is God's relentless love pursuing YOU!

He loves you AND He can do something about your situation if you allow Him.

Pursued is a powerful and transparent testimony of Felisa Jack's experience living in a domestic violence relationship that put both her and her son's life in grave danger. She shares how God was pursuing her during this difficult time; strengthening and encouraging her to walk out of that destructive relationship. Walking with her through her story will restore hope and faith in your life as well as open your eyes to see the ways God is pursuing you with His relentless love.

Experience God's Relentless Love

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Pursued: A Testimony of God's Relentless Love

Felisa Jack shares about the writing of the book Pursued:

“I didn’t want to talk about it. It was embarrassing, painful, shameful. I just wanted to forget about it and get on with life, y’know? Who wants to revisit the scene of an accident or re-live the memory of a tragedy? Not me, that’s for sure! Except I couldn’t just "forget." I couldn’t just "go on." Something inside was urging me to find my voice and tell my story.

Now the story I wanted to tell was simple. To the point. Safe. I wouldn’t have to re-open the wounds that I had so carefully bandaged with alcohol and drugs with THAT story.

But the story I NEEDED to tell pushed past the story I WANTED to tell...

and guess what? Telling the real story, my personal truth, brought healing and strength and hope. As you walk through my journey with me, I believe the healing, strength and hope will pour out on your life as well. 

What Others are saying about the book

Through the cruel and intended violence she suffered, Felisa found her faith.  It became her strength and helped her survive and endure.  Her journey is powerfully documented and serves as a beacon of hope to other victims still trapped in the darkness of domestic violence.  In my years of advocacy, I have read, heard, documented and testified to many stories of violence and survival.  Felisa gives the reader a window into the embodiment of evil perpetrated by someone who professed his love for her.  Her story is like so many victims of this terrible crime, many of whom are silenced forever.  We are fortunate to read her words of peril, hope, redemption and survival.  She is a woman and servant of God.”

-Randy Saucedo, MPA
S.A.V.E.- Survivors Against Violence Everywhere

“More than a memoir, Divinely Pursued offers hope and encouragement.  Felisa’s story is captivating, gives a profound perspective on survival, and aids in unfolding the many truths behind abuse.  I salute this author for sharing her story of tears, faith and victory.  We are reminded that we all have a part in creating a culture of safety.

Many of the books in my library, I have read more than once; Divinely Pursued will be among them.

Jennifer L. Hill, Author
Summerland Publishing

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Experience God's Relentless Love

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Pursued: A Testimony of God's Relentless Love