Journal Jots – Free Daily Journaling Prompts

Looking for Success?
Meditate on God’s Word…
there you will find good success!

Jesus tells us in Matthew 5:18 that not a jot or a tittle will pass away from the law until all is fulfilled. You may ask, “What is a jot..and what is a tittle?” A jot is the smallest letter in the Hebriac alphabet. A tittle is one stroke in a Hebriac character. So Jesus is telling us that every last little bit of God’s Word is not only true, but will come to pass. 

The Bible tells us, when we meditate on God’s Word day and night, and apply every part of The Word to our lives, God will make our way prosperous and we will find good success. (Joshua 1:8) That is a powerful and very exciting promise!

With the power of God’s Word and the promises He has offered us, these next 14 days will be an opportunity for you to meditate on His jots and tittles. You will also have an opportunity to do some writing of your own. You can capture your thoughts, remember what God has done in the past, as well as record what God is speaking to you right now. 

Find Success Through Meditation and Journaling

I recommend you grab a specific journal, or download an electronic journal app so you can capture and organize your responses. Commit to 15 minutes of your day to read, reflect, and respond to the daily Journal Jot. Use this exercise as a way to challenge yourself to grow in your time of meditating on The Word and journaling your thoughts and feedback. I believe that God will be true to His word, and if you stay committed, you will find good success!

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