Sharon Burrell

Sharon Burrell is the President and CEO of KINGDOM Service Training & Consulting. She is a wife and mother of seven for the past forty-six years, and believes dreams can become reality. She also believes knowledge alone is not power, but knowledge combined with precise action is true power.
Through a variety of training programs Mrs. Burrell has developed a mission to provide women and minorities the counseling, training, and technical assistance necessary to start a new business, successfully operate or expand a existing business, or develop and make career changes.
Being a business owner for the past thirty years, while raising a family and completing a dual Ph.D., ABD program, Mrs. Burrell has a sensitivity, compassion, and awareness of the power of effective communication. Words can bring people together and fuel fulfillment of dreams. Sharon enjoys helping anyone she can, however, she holds a special passion for individuals and their families with autism and mental health diagnosis.

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