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Healing Happens When It Becomes His Story

Surrender to God the pain, shame, and hurt of your story; then it becomes His story. That is when healing happens for you and the others who hear of His glory, goodness, and love through your story.

We live in a fallen world. “Bad things happen to good people” because of the combination of the sin in this world and the gift of free will. Since we are in this spiritual battle (Ephesains 6:12-13), we all have endured “hits” from the enemy – divorce, death, suicide, the loss of a job, bankruptcy, depression, cancer…any of that “not so good stuff.” Don’t get me wrong, God is still in control and nothing happens without His permission (Job 1:12); but being here on earth we all go through trials. Sometimes trials have nothing to do with your decisions, while other times they are a direct result of your actions.

No matter what brought on this attack of the enemy, give your story to God! This is done by asking for forgiveness, seeking guidance and wisdom from Him, walking in obedience, and having at least a mustard seed of faith that He can and will work this thing for your good!

Through Your Trials Healing Happens and His Glory is Revealed

For many, the pain runs so deep it is hard to even think about your story, let alone give it to Him to heal you and show the world His goodness. There is so much pain and shame surrounding your secret it has been festering in the dark for years. The thought of admitting it makes your stomach turn; but through the surrender of our pain, healing happens.*

Here are three truths that the Bible tells us that can help you begin to give your story to God.

  • Jesus has overcome the world John 16:33
  • No more condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus  Romans 8:1
  • The Lord is my helper. He will never leave me or forsake me!  Hebrews 13:5-6

Let the Story Go

One great way to begin to let go of the pain of your story is to write it down. Don’t look at this as a literary work but just a way to release the details, the emotions, the reactions, and the situation. Hand-write it in a journal, type it in a Word document, or even dictate it into your phone. Reflect on God’s hand in all of it – the people He sent along side, the windows of opportunity for you to escape, and the unexplained favor in your situation. Now begin to ask God to help you surrender all of it!

As God does the healing in your heart, share about the goodness of what He did in your life through your trials. A shift happens and the shame of your past is dwarfed in comparison to His love and redemption. This shift encourages others to seek God for help in their trials. This is when your story becomes His story!

* As you process through the trauma and trials in life, seeking counseling from a professional counselor or pastor is highly recommended. Don’t go through this process alone. If you have any thoughts of self harm or suicide, call 911 immediately.

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