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Journaling for Clarity and Vision

Journaling for Clarity

Many are calling 2020 “the year of focus” or “the year of clarity.” So let me ask, do you have a clear vision or focus on how God is calling you to move forward in this hour? You are called to build His Kingdom. You are designed for a specific purpose in His plan; however, if you don’t know what you are called to do, it is hard to do it. Journaling your conversations with God is a great way to write out your 

Journaling for Clarity

Experts estimate that the mind thinks between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day.That is a lot. Some are ours; some are from the enemy…some are just gas from the pizza we ate last night (…not scientifically proven); but the juicy ones, the really good ones come from God. The thoughts that come from God are to guide us and encourage us into the way that He wants us to go; but many times, those fabulous thoughts leave just as quickly as they come in. And The Bible tells us in Isaiah 55 that our thoughts are are not His thoughts, so many times when God shares His thoughts with you may find yourself thinking, “Wow, I never thought of that! Really?”

To follow your “God given vision” it is important to write down the ideas and thoughts He gives to you. These can be truths about who He created you to be, how much He loves you, what He is asking of you at this time, where He wants you to go to connect with other Kingdom Builders. The more time you spend with Him, the more He will reveal to you. The important part is for you to WRITE IT DOWN!!!!

The second step to walking in your calling is to go back and read what God has spoken to you in your journal. The one thing that makes this task extremely difficult is if you don’t have a journal to read.

Tips for Journaling

Journaling isn’t rocket science. There are really no right or wrong ways to do it. Some people will color and draw while others just use words. Some use a physical journal while others use an electronic one. Here are some tips to get started, or challenge you to press forward in capturing the divine thoughts and ideas that God gives you. 

  1. Be Kind to Yourself
    This might seem like a strange first step, but the reality is you need to go easy on you. It is ok if you misspell words or have incorrect grammar. It is ok if your penmanship isn’t the best (as long as you can read it later, that is all that counts.) 
  2. Declare Your Journal to Be a Safe Place
    Use this space to work through your thoughts and feelings with God. Be honest and raw in your journal. We are all on a journey and it isn’t always pretty. Many times these tough times of frustration can be used to help others who are in this same place.
  3. Make it a Daily Practice
    Even if you start with just 5 minutes a day, capture something in your journal. Before you start to journal, acknowledge God and ask Him to speak with you.
  4. Answer a Journal Prompt
    If you are feeling stuck, use a journaling prompt to get you going. A journaling prompt will ask you a question requiring you to think and expand your mind. Ponder it and begin to scribe your thoughts and your answer to the question. (Click here to sign up for Journal Jots – 14 days of free journaling prompts!)
  5. Go Back and Read Your Old Journals
    Take time to go back and read what you wrote last week, last month or last year. This will allow you to see your growth as well as remind you of some of the ideas that God gave you that would have escaped had you not written them down. This will also highlight where or why you may be stuck where you are and start showing you patterns that will help reveal God’s plan for your life!

Get Started!

The key is finding what works for you and consistently journal your thoughts and ideas. So grab a pretty journal, a spiral notebook, or download a journaling app. Set aside special time with you and your Heavenly Father. Dive deeper in this journey of who you are and who He created you to be!


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