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It Only Takes a Spark

God gave me an encouraging vision about the books He has placed in me and you. He showed me a bonfire, one that was burning brightly and extremely hot. I could hear the crackling of the fire and there were lots of “POPS” that would emit burning embers into the air. That is when He explained to me the bonfire that was burning was the Holy Spirit burning on the inside of me (and the other people He has called to author books.) The hotter the Holy Spirit burned on the inside of us, it would cause the sap to pop and burning embers would be sent out to travel through the air and land on the dry grass and brush around – causing these dry places to catch on fire as well.

In the Bible, dry ground is used to describe the hardened hearts of people – someone who has turned from God or doesn’t know Him. God showed me that the embers flying through the air were actually the books that would be “exploding” from His children, traveling and landing in the hands of the people who need His hope and love. These books would be a way to reach these people right where they are, and they would be touched by the fire of The Holy Spirit.

Are you ready to emit your spark?

The Bible tells us in Revelation 12:11 that it is by the Blood of the Lamb, the sacrifice of Jesus, and the word of our testimony that the enemy will be defeated. One of the best “sparks” you can write is your testimony. Three easy steps to get started:

1. Begin in Prayer and Worship…and stay there!

Start out your writing session with asking The Holy Spirit to come in and help you write and share in a way that will be pleasing to The Father. Put on some worship music in the background – getting your heart in a place of worship to God. Even as you go through your day when you aren’t writing, ask God to continue to give you wisdom on how to write and share what He has for you to share. He tells us that if we desire wisdom to ask and He will not withhold that from us!

2. Write freely – Trust God. Trust Yourself.

As you begin to get the words onto the paper (or into your computer) just write. Let it flow. Don’t try to edit it – and if you start hearing that voice telling you what you are writing is stupid or no one will read it…tell that voice, “Shut Up! In the name of Jesus!!” If this is truly something that God has called you to do, it has purpose. It will make an impact on at least one person. There will be time later for editing and revising, but at first, just get it out! (Need some help with writer’s block? We’ve got you covered!)

3. Be Consistent

Make writing a part of your routine. For some it can be journaling; for others it is studying and writing teachings or devotionals. Commit to the task God has given you to complete. Some authors will end up writing for long periods of time. Others will commit to 20 minutes a day. Neither way is right or wrong, just be committed to completing this task.

Be bold! Be brave! Stoke up the fire inside of you.
There is dry land that is waiting to be set on fire by your spark.

When you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you are instructed to share the Gospel. One way God teaches others about His love is by asking people to write down what He has said and done. Case in point, The Bible! Your words can spark the hope and joy that could change a person’s whole life. It is time to release that spark; but remember, the spark doesn’t come from you – it comes from the fire burning inside of you.

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