Arise & Shine: Heroic Stories of Triumph & Strategies to Live Empowered


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***Product Launch June 27, 2022***

Get ready to be inspired! The Arise & Shine Anthology is an incredible collection of real-life triumph stories that will forever change how you “do” life. These stories are by everyday people that decided not to let their circumstances define them. Even with their world crashing down around them they decided to get back up. They decided to fight!

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We can’t always control what hand life has dealt us, but we can control how we handle it. In these pages you will find new strategies to help you live an empowered life. Seizing the courage, tenacity, and sheer emotional fortitude to RISE again is a choice.

Arise & Shine: Heroic Stories of Triumph & Strategies to Live Empowered will give you the biblical and real-life strategies to overcome some of life’s most difficult moments.

The book shares inspirational stories of success through trials such as divorce, homelessness, grief, health issues, diabetes, stroke, and much more.

Celebrating our inspirational authors:

  • Dr. Tonia M. Blackwood
  • Baneshia Wyatt
  • Leolene Hines
  • Dr. Dorissa McCalister
  • Dr. Felice Kelly Gillum
  • Jean Turner
  • Von M. Giggs
  • Nicole D. Roberts
  • Dr. Judy Ambrose James
  • Sentretta Brumfield-Baity
  • Theresa F. Thompson
  • Shawn Casey Collins Jr.

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