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PRESS RELEASE: Gathering 30 Jaw dropping God Stories to Change the World

Kingdom Publishing Press Release

Seeking Christian authors, new and seasoned, to come together and encourage others through their testimonies

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  7/9/2019 | Parker, Colorado

Kingdom Publishing has launched the book project God Met Me Here and is inviting believers to share their testimony. It is designed to be a compilation of various individual’s God story. The Bible says in Revelation 12:11 that we are overcomers by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. Jesus has already supplied the blood of the lamb. This book project is an opportunity for Christians to come along side other believers and share the word of their testimony.

Each story will be 1800 words or less, sharing how God has moved in the author’s life. The submission deadline is July 22, 2019. Kingdom Publishing will be celebrating the launch in Centennial, Colorado later in 2019. The book will be available worldwide.

The book idea originated after Kingdom Publishing’s founder, Tracy Fagan had a lifesaving encounter with God.

The other day I was driving with my daughter. She was about to make a left-hand turn on the green arrow. I saw this car approaching the intersection at about 50 MPH…with no intention of breaking. I could see a vision of the horrific accident begin to play out. Then I very calmly, yet sternly said, “STOP!” She did. The other car blew through the intersection, breaking only after the car was all the way through. If God hadn’t made me aware of what was about to happen, and if my daughter hadn’t stopped, I most likely would be dead right now. I realized that God met me right there that night at the intersection of Potomac St. and Broncos Parkway.

What is your story? It is time to share what God has done to encourage others and to give God glory!

Kingdom Publishing is a Christian Independent Publishing Company based in Parker, Colorado. This company is designed to come along side Christian writers to publish inspiring, Holy Spirit filled books to spread the new of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s time to “Get The Word Out” about Jesus!

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