Speak life over your business, family, and relationships; and get ready for Success!

Speak Life over your situation

There are several “momisms” that I share with my daughter on a fairly regular basis – many encourage her to speak life over what she is doing. Many of these “momisms” get the good old eye-roll – but one gets the biggest eye-roll is “You can or you can’t, either way you are right.” I believe the eye roll comes because she knows there is truth to it. But, being honest, many times the path of least resistance, just saying “I can’t” –  feels like a better option.

This is a powerful statement because it speaks to your mindset and your belief in the ability to complete whatever task is in front of you. We know that beliefs lead to thoughts which lead to actions – so when you believe you can’t, no matter what your intentions are, your actions will self sabotage so you won’t succeed. 

6 Steps to Speak Life Over Yourself

1. Think about your thoughts

This is a conscious action for you to stop and think about what you are thinking about. When someone shares an opportunity or an idea with you, what does that little voice inside your head say? Does it tell you, “You will never be successful in business.” or “You will never be able to have a fulfilling marriage.” There are many times the thoughts will take you out long before you EVEN GET STARTED!!!

2. Watch your words and what actually comes out of your mouth

The words that come out of your mouth are the fruit of what is in your mind. Many times, the sound of defeat is subtle…but with an increased awareness of your words, you can gain great insight into your thoughts. An example, when someone says something to you about writing a blog post, if your response is, “But it is so difficult to write a good blog post!” Guess what? It is going to be difficult. Instead, you can say, “Ok, what topic would be good to talk about with my people?” And that can be a question for yourself, one of your followers, or even God. 

3. Surround yourself with your supporters

I think we all have experienced those Eeyore friends. They are pessimistic, and have a way of ALWAYS making EVERYTHING so NEGATIVE! Be more intentional about who you hang around and who you share your ideas with. Ask questions of these supportive people and truly explore the possibilities. 

4. Gain wisdom and knowledge through study

Study the subject matter you are pursuing. Expand your mind and become an expert in your field. Your desire for knowledge will build your confidence and give you the foundation to build upon. Along with studying your subject matter; continue to learn and grow in the areas of mindset and self growth. 

5. Celebrate your successes (even the situations that look like failures, if you learn from them, they are successes!)

Celebrating your successes is a great way to stop and reflect on the, “I cans!” And we know, whatever you focus on expands. So don’t let these milestones, no matter how grand or how small, get lost or forgotten. 

6.  Ask God to help you – This will bring all of these steps together!

There is no one on earth who wants you to succeed more than God. Ask Him for help in revealing wrong thoughts and words. Ask Him to help you with new thoughts and words. Ask Him to send the right people to you to help support you and give you wisdom. Ask Him for the right resources to study and to reveal wisdom and knowledge quickly and easily. Celebrate with Him. Give Him praise and thanksgiving for each victory…no matter how big or how small! 

Success Starts in Your Thoughts and Words…so Speak Life!

Even though we might define success differently; we all want to experience success in our lives. No matter what it looks like for you, one thing that holds true for all of us is the need to believe we can achieve it – and then speak it out of our mouths. Start taking the steps to renewing your mind, speaking the truth, and taking the steps to walk into your best life!


I know you CAN do it!


Love you to life,

Tracy - Your coach to help you speak life!





Some resources:

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